Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Market Crash On The Scale Of 2008 Is Looming; Buy Safe Havens

Equity markets are overvalued and overleveraged, and a crash on the scale of the last recession could be on the horizon, said Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. 

Celente told Kitco News that one possible trigger for such a crash could be an escalating war in the Middle East. “If we have a war that involves Iran, kiss the markets goodbye,” he said. 

Celente added that in such a scenario, oil prices could spike to $150 a barrel. On economic growth, the economic forecaster said that growth in the U.S., particularly when it comes to retail sales, is not as strong as it could be. 

Celente said that given the myriad of risks for investors, now would be an ideal time to buy gold. “I believe that there is no greater safe haven right now than gold,” he said.

- Source, Kitco News

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Markets, Money, Hope, a Better Humanity

My talk with Gerald Celente about Russia phobia, the provocations and accusations towards Putin, and the serious doubts about the sanity and stability of UK Government with Theresa May and Boris Johnson. We also talk about the markets, money, of hope and a better world and system for humanity.

- Source, Outside the Box

Monday, April 9, 2018

Gerald Celente: Watch Gold, Ignore the Fake News

Just because the stock market is near all-time highs doesn’t mean there is no risk from a black swan. Trends researcher Gerald Celente says, “I want to tell everyone what our major signal that we are watching closely that is going to determine where the markets are going. It’s the signal. 

It’s a signal that you will know whether to bail out or stay in, and that’s gold prices. With all of this volatility going on, gold prices have not moved much. They are still stuck in the $1,300 to $1,350 (per ounce) range. Even on Friday, with all the volatility, gold only moved up a couple of bucks. That is the indicator to watch, and here is our forecast. Gold has to break above $1,385 per ounce. It has been unable to get near there.

The next big number will be $1,450. When it solidifies over that, we forecast a jump to the $2,000 range. Gold is the ultimate safe haven asset. It has not been acting like that during this market shift.” On the recent poll where 77% of people thought the MSM was putting out so-called “Fake News,” Celente says, “It’s not only “Fake News, it’s junk news, and that is why people are tuning out.” Expect the trend to continue.

- Source, USA Watchdog