Sunday, June 9, 2019

Follow the Trends: No Recession Yet!

We have forecast that markets and corporate earnings have peaked and more tepid growth could be expected through 2019. However, minus wild card events such as spiking oil prices, war, terror strikes, etc., no recession will hit the U.S. until later in 2020.

With the Presidential Reality Show revving up, the Trump administration will increase pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut rates, which will boost economic activity and markets in the short-term.

Beyond rate cuts, we forecast Trump will also push the Federal Reserve for more quantitative easing measure. And, world economies are also under pressure to pump more liquidity into their slumping economies and financial systems.

The Trends Journal continues to stress that more artificially induced stimulus measures will further inflate the $250 trillion global debt bubble, leaving economies more vulnerable to severe downturns that will crash markets and economies.

How severe is the current market turmoil? Watch gold, the safe-haven asset. Stuck in the high $1,200 per ounce trading range, it is not signaling danger ahead. When gold spikes above $1,450 per ounce it will signal true market fears.

- Source, King World News, Read More Here

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Recession? Gold, Also, US Interest Rates Coming Down

As we approach the end of trading in the month of May, today the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, discussed gold as well as US interest rates coming down and also addressed the possibility of recession.

“In our 27 March Trend Alert we forecast that a global economic slowdown and weakening corporate earnings in the U.S., coupled with the fading positive effects of President Donald Trump’s tax bill, would compel the U.S. Federal Reserve “to lower interest rates before economic conditions markedly deteriorate.”

The global and national economies are deteriorating. From Emerging markets to developed nations, equity markets are falling and the great corporate stock buy-back trend that dramatically boosted the U.S. stock markets is now slowing as corporations are buying back less of their stocks.

As evidenced by recent data, U.S. durable goods orders and capital spending have declined. A recent IHS Markit survey revealed a “notable slowdown” in the services sector while manufacturing fell to a 9-year low in May.

On the retail front, sales dropped for the second time in three months, sliding 0.2 percent from the previous month in April. On the home buying front, despite mortgage rates declining, existing home sales posted their 14th straight month of annual declines in April.

And now, with the 10-year Treasury note yield falling to 2.26 on Wednesday while the 3-month bill yielded 2.36 percent, the yield curve inversion is seen as a warning sign by Wall Street of recession on the horizon considering that an inverted yield curve preceded every recession since 1975.

- Source, King World News, Read More Here

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Fed Is Not Independent, It Is a Gang, A Club We Are Not A Part Of!

SBTV had a great conversation with the fiery and straight-talking Gerald Celente, Founder of the Trends Research Institute, about how he forecast the 1987 Black Monday crash, the lack of independence of the Federal Reserve and also the 2020 US Presidential elections.

- Source, SBTV

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gerald Celente: Trump Will Be the Winner in the 2020 Election

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente predicts, “You are hearing it first right here. . . . We are writing right now in The Trends Journal at this point, it all depends on the swing states. 

Trump lost the popular vote, but he got the swing states and won in the Electoral College. The key issues in the swing states are the border, the economy and trade. 

There is going to be positive trade news coming out because there is not going to be and there never was a trade war with China. So, we believe the ‘Trump Card’ will be the winner in the 2020 Presidential election reality show. 

It will be the swing state popularity that Trump will still have.” What are Celente’s biggest fears for an ugly surprise for Donald Trump? Celente says, “The wild card is higher oil prices. That can destroy the world.

I am most afraid of war. That’s our biggest fear, and the rhetoric against Iran is heating up. If there is a war in the Middle East, kiss the markets and the economies goodbye. 

Everything right now is very wobbly, and it’s being held up by this cheap money. So, oil and war are our greatest fears at this time.”

- Source, USA Watchdog