Monday, December 19, 2016

Stock market fear index spikes: Elections or global economy?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gerald Celente Goes Off On Hillary Voters

Gerald Celente talks with Alex Jones about just how evil Hillary Clinton is and what that means for the people that might vote for her.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Obama's 'Rap' More Disgusting Than Trump Talk

Gerald Celente breaks down the hypocrisy of the left in this latest video. He discusses how they are all over Trump for how he speaks, while they ignore the guest that Obama brings into the White House and those endorses. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Gerald Celentes 2017 Predictions - MSM Gone and Financial Market Panic Coming

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente started forecasting back in May 2016 that Trump would win. He was spot-on. What are the big trends and predictions in store for 2017? Mr. Celente gives us three of his top predictions coming up in this interview. We start with the mainstream media (MSM) that went all in for Hillary Clinton with actions associated with propaganda and not news. What’s going to happen to the MSM in 2017? Celente, who is Publisher of The Trends Journal, says, “It’s gone, and that is the top story coming out in the next Trends Journal too. . . . We are forecasting that this is the end of daily newspapers. They’ll go down to a couple of days a week. The flipside is more people to and other media. We are not alternative media. They are the alternative media. They are the media that only promotes the establishment. The establishment is Hollywood to the White House to the media, and the people are disgusted with it. This is bigger than a populist movement.”

The MSM is now so discredited that it is beyond the point of no return. Celente goes on to say, “I was saying up until recently about the mainstream media that they still have the clout to set the tone. Now, they don’t. Look at how many newspapers supported Hillary Clinton in editorials, all of the major papers, and it didn’t amount to anything. The facts are there, and again look at the numbers. The bottom line is they are falling out of profitability, and they can’t sustain themselves. That’s the bottom line. News Corp., and one after another, its business is 20% down. You can’t keep a business going like that.”

On the economy, Celente says a crash is coming, and gold is flashing a warning signal overseas. Celente contends, “It almost happened this year with Brexit, but again you are looking at the paper world and the real world, and they keep manipulating it. As you see gold prices going down, is anyone talking about what is going on in India? They just pulled in the high end rupees. There is panic going on over there. They are buying up gold, and they are one of the biggest gold purchasers in the world, and add China. Nobody is talking about it, and there is bedlam going on right now. They are saying they want to stop the black market, so people are buying up gold, but they are shorting the market with naked shorts on the commodities end to drive down the prices because when prices go up, it shows what a fraud the whole system is. So, right now, from our contacts there, the gold buyers in India are buying up as much gold as they can.”

Celente goes on to predict, “We’re forecasting the economy is not going to rebound with the economic proposals that are in place now. . . . The global situation has created an environment for financial panic. The financial panic conditions have been in place for quite a while. What Trump’s victory has done is played it off for a little bit possibly, but on the negative side, you still have the debt and interest rates going up and the debt that has to be paid. On gold, we believe right now is near its bottom.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Friday, December 2, 2016

Strong Dollar, More Stimulus; Boom or Bust?

Now that Donald Trump has surprised the World with victory. One that Gerald Celente accurately predicted. He now breaks down where he sees the United States and the rest of the globe going.

Is a strong dollar in our future? Is inflation going to rage under Trump? Will we have a boom or bust? Gerald breaks it all down.